Practical Tai Chi : 武當太極拳

Tai Chi is both a Chinese martial art and an exercise method.
Martial and health aspects are taught in the classes.
太極拳是中國武術之一,更是一項強身健體的運動。 這些方面都會在課堂上教授。

Latest Update - March 2015 : 更新日期 - 二零一五年三月

Tai Chi Audio CD: Is out now! It's chock full of goodies, please buy a copy (or two).
太極CD: 內容包羅萬有,請盡早訂購。

buy the new Audio Tai Chi CD

2015 classes / courses: A 6 week course will run on a weekday evening once a week in March and April.
The course will focus on pushing hands, two person drills and knife defence.
The classes will be held in Hong Kong Park.
Should you wish to enroll then please send me an email.
* The courses will only run if there is a sufficient number of people enrolling.

There maybe some upcoming seminars in 2015.

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