Classes : 課堂

Latest Update - June 2015 : 更新日期 - 二零一五年六月
Classes in Hong Kong are currently suspended as the instructor Kie Brooks is currently in Seoul, Korea.
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Time and Dates
Classes during the course are generally on a weekday evening (7pm-8.30pm). See the calendar for exact dates.

Should you wish to attend then please send me an email.

The cost for each 6 week course (2 lessons per week, 12 lessons total if you attend all classes) is HK$1400.
The cost for each 4 week course (1 lesson per week, 4 lessons total if you attend all classes) is HK$700.
This will include the Tai Chi Audio CD and some other materials/equipment that are provided during the course.

If you do not attend class for 2 consecutive weeks, you will not be allowed to rejoin the course. Rejoining after a break on these courses is not fair for the other students as you will be behind, it divides the teachers time and is unfair and disruptive for the students that have been attending regularly. You may still sign up for future courses. In such cases there is no refund.

If after the first lesson you decide that you do not wish to continue with the rest of the course, your fee will be refunded minus a cancellation charge of HK$400 which also covers the first lesson. If you are unable to attend lessons at any later point during the course, no further refund will be available.

General Information

Classes are suitable for those wishing to learn Tai Chi as a martial art or for health.
Syllabus taught in class includes hand form, pushing hands, self-defence, knife-defence and other weapons (sword, sabre and spear) for more advanced students.

Style : Practical Tai Chi
Instructor : Kie Brooks


門派 : 武當太極拳班
教練 : 布啟儀

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Calendar and Events : 日曆及事件